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The Bahá'í Faith and the World's Sacred Scriptures

Without Syllable or Sound

By Michael Sours

This volume explores the Holy Scriptures of the world's great religions—Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam—from a Bahá'í perspective. The author finds that all of these scriptures may usher the reader into the presence of God. An inspiring reaffirmation of the unity of all religion.

In this book, Michael Sours argues for the need for all believers to affirm the validity and importance of all of the world's sacred scriptures. He discusses at length Bahá'u'lláh's defense of the Bible and other past scriptures. He investigates the Bahá'í teachings concerning the Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim texts, as well as the holy books of the religions of India and China.

Also included is a record of an important conversation (newly found and published) that 'Abdu'l-Bahá had with a group of Christian professors and theological students in Paris in 1913. Fascinating reading!

Price: $19.95 paperback

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"This book is no mere academic exercise. Rather, it establishes beyond reasonable doubt that the guiding ethos of the Bahá'í teachings of tolerance, acceptance, respect and love towards the followers of all religions also demands . . . a sincere veneration and openness to the scriptures of all religions. I have gained much in reading this fine contribution to Bahá'í studies." -- Todd Lawson, Ph.D., Islamic Philosophy