THE NEW GOSPEL: Good News for Christians

The New Gospel

by Eric Bowes

Two thousand years ago, the disciples of Christ spread throughout the known world to preach the good news - the gospel - of the advent of a Savior to mankind. They spoke of God's covenant with all people; they prophesied of the day when there would be "one fold and one Sheperd," and when the earth would be filled with the knowledge of God and His righteneousness.

Today, this book repeats that same call. The author declares that the Kingdom of God is at hand, even though humanity lives on as if the prophecies did not exist or will never be fulfilled. Basing each of his essays on a familiar Bible passage - a great moment from our sacred past, he demonstrates that each was an hour of momentous decision and that those decisions still face us squarely.

Retail price: $9.95, cloth (67-7)

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