We are pleased to offer links to websites of interest to Bahá'ís and people looking to understand more about the Bahá'í Faith.

Greeting cards for Ridván and Bahá'í Holy Days.  Check them out!

Bahai Faith in the United States.  Official website of the Baha'is in the United States. 

BAFA: Bahá'í Association for the Arts
Bahá'í expressions for artist, poets, and writer.  Also, Arts Dialogue magazine.

Bahá'í Academics Resource Library
A rich source of Bahá'í scholarship, academic papers, texts, etc.   

Bahá'í Verlag Germany
The Baha'i Publishing Trust of Germany sells a wide variety of published materials in English, German, Persian and Arabic.

The Bahá'í World
The Bahá'í Faith; Basic Teachings; A Way of Life; The Historical Background; The Báb; Bahá'u'lláh; 'Abdu'l-Bahá; The Unity of Bahá'ís; The Guardianship; The Universal House of Justice; The Bahá'í World Centre; The Bahá'í World Community; Bahá'í Houses of Worship; Social and Economic Development; Bahá'ís at the United Nations.

Bahá'í Banners
Beautiful handmade Bahá'í banners by Jodell Babbitt Sprague.

Bahá'í Distribution Services Australia
A wide selection of books and other materials.  

Bahá'í Distribution Services, U.S.
An enormous range of Sacred Text, books, music, and other materials.  

The Bahá'í Page at Sunsite
Introductory Materials; Bahá'í Scriptures and Statements; Other Bahá'í Related Pages on the Net; Miscellaneous.

Christopher Buck, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Baha'i Studies: Papers, essays, and electronic copies of his books.
This is a brand new on-line music store for Bahá'í-inspired musicians, singers and music lovers.

George Ronald, Publisher
One of the foremost publishers of Bahá'í books in the world.  Hundreds of important titles on all subjects related to the Bahá'í Faith.

H-Bahai Discussion and Archives
The academic discussion of issues related to the Bahá'í Faith and the Bábí religion.  Reviews of scholarly books.

H-Bahai Digital Library
Primary materials in English, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, and other European languages.

Stephen N. Lambden, Ph.D. -- HURQALYA
Provisional translations of the Baha'i sacred texts, Baha'i scholarship, Biblical studies, Islamic studies.

Anthony A. Lee--Poetry
Poems and information.  

And entire Bahá'í library at your fingertips.  Search Star of the West volumes, etc.  

Special Ideas
About the Bahá'í Faith; Specials and New Products; Product Index; Community Teaching Products; Personal Teaching Products; Items that Support Your Bahá'í Identity; Non-English Items; About Special Ideas; How to Order; Catalog Request.

True Seeker Home Page
Search the Bahá'í Writings; Latest News; About This Resource; Known Problems; How It Works.

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