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Expanse of Green

Expanse of Green

by Sohrab Sepehry
UNESCO Collection of Representative Works: Persian Heritage Series
In Persian and English
Translated by David L. Martin, Ph.D.

This is the first English translation of a celebrated collection of Persian mystic poetry written by one of the most important poets of modern Iran. Although influenced by classical Sufi poets, Sorab Sepehry broke with this tradition to write shi'r-i naw (new poetry), which became popular with a twentieth-century public. The lyric grace and style of his nature-mystic poems is unique.

Both the original Persian and the English translations are published side-by-side. The translator introduces the work with an extended preface and provides a commentary on the Sufi roots, the style, and the poetic thrust of Sepehry's work.

The translation is a winner of the Van de Bovenkamp-Armand G. Erpf Award for excellence presented by the Translation Center at Columbia University.

Price: $24.95 paperback

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