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The Arabic Poems of Rumi

Love Is My Savior

by Mevlana Rumi
translated by Nesreen Akhtarkhavari, Ph.D.
Director of Arabic Studies at DePaul University, & Anthony A. Lee, Ph.D.
Michigan State University Press

This new volume of Rumi's works--the first-ever English translation of his Arabic poems--will be exciting for the newcomer to Rumi's verses as well as to readers already familiar with his mystic wisdom. The poems take the reader on a journey of spiritual exploration, ecstatic union, cruel rejection, and mystic reconciliation. Rumi reveals his soul and welcomes everyone to his spiritual feast.

Rumi's verses pulsate with desire and longing, with sensuality, and with ecstatic celebration. In his mystic poetry, Rumi found a vehicle for the expression of the spiritual bounties of love. He placed love at the center of his doctrine and pronounced it to be his life's goal and the only form of true worship.

Love Is My Savior was a featured book in the March issues of Oprah's online and print magazines!

$19.95 paperback

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