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CIRCLE OF PEACE: Reflections on the Bahá'í Teachings

Circle of Peace

Edited by Anthony A. Lee

There is no issue more important to human survival in this nuclear age than the issue of world peace. Similarly, there are no teachings more central to the Bahá'í Faith than the teachings of the unity of all peoples and the establishment of peace. What insights do the Bahá'ís have to bring to bear on the current international situation? Circle of Peace: Reflections on the Bahá'í Teachings is an attempt to confront this question. Collected here are nine essays by various Bahá'ís who offer their personal views based on their experiences and their study of the Bahá'í writings. These are not official Bahá'í positions, nor do they represent the thinking of all Bahá'ís. In fact, the authors disagree among themselves on a number of points. Together the essays represent only the beginning of open exchange on the subject.

This book is the second in a series of volumes that seek to promote the discussion of social issues with world vision and spiritual perspective. It is an adult book: the reader is cautioned that one of the essays includes strong language.

Price: $11.95 paperback

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