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This Poem Means

This Poem Means

Poems by Anthony A. Lee
Broadside Lotus Press

Winner of the Naomi Long Madgett Award for African American Poets offered by Lotus Press; Spring 2005.

Anthony A. Lee writes contemporary poems on adult themes that can be both personal and social, such as pain, struggle, and spirituality. Other poems have Bahá'í themes such as peace, universal reconciliation, and salvation. As the reader may be brought face to face with the human condition as experienced by the poet, many of the poems include adult language as well as subject matter.

Price: $18.00 paperback

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"Lee's poems are not quaint exercises in poetic form. They grab you by the throat with their personal intensity, jostle your brain with their intellectual bravery, and startle your heart with their spirit and insight." --Jack Grapes, editor of ONTHEBUS Literary Journal.

"Every good narrative lyric means more than what it says, and these poems convert experience into into meaning even as they introduce us to new experiences. Deeply felt, fresh, and wise, in these poems Lee teaches us new stories." --Catherine Daly, author of DaDaDa.

"A tender exploration, embracing both the heavy and the light. Done with such patience and care, one cannot help but listen." --Ruth Forman, author of We Are the Young Magicians