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Words from the Great Traditions

The Peace Bible

Compiled and edited by Steven Scholl
with a preface by Hans Kung

All religions teach peace. Yet, all religions have condoned, and even glorified, war. Here are collected, from the holy scriptures of all the world's major religions, the fundamental call for peace and unity.

Included are chapters on the evils of war, the promise of peace, and the role of justice. Peace as an inner struggle is explored through quotations from world scriptures. The role of women and the unity of humanity are also discussed.

Price: $14.95 paperback

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"Great is peace. At the hour that the Messiah reveals himself to Israel, at that hour the first word he speaks will be 'Peace.' " --Jewish Tradition, The Talmud

"But every time they kindle the fire of war, God shall extinguish it. Ever they seek to create disorder on earth: and God loves not those who create disorder." --Islamic Scriptures, Qur'an, Sura 5