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EARTH CIRCLES: Baha'i Perspectives on Global Issues

Earth Circles

Edited by Michael Fitzgerald

For over one hundred years, the Bahá'í community has anticipated the inevitable contraction of our planet into a global neighborhood and warned of the urgent need to provide spiritual foundations for this new world order. Bahá'ís believe that the unity of the human race is the fundamental moral principle that today must direct and govern world affairs.

In Earth Circles, Bahá'í writers and intellectuals again take the opportunity to look at the social issues of our time in global perspective. Each from a different point of view brings an understanding of Bahá'í teachings to bear on such problems as: homelessness, racism, disability, poverty, conflict resolution, and globalization.

This book is the fifth in a series that seeks to promote the discussion of social issues from spiritual perspectives.

Price: $14.95 paperback

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